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Union Bio Phyto No Pick VIALS

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Phyto No Pick vials (pack of 4 vials x 8mL) Natural oil-gel solution

* 15 days *

For dog and cat

  • Concentrated natural oil-gel solution based on precious plant extracts including Rosemary, Sage and Geranium
  • Non-occlusive physical barrier that allows hair and skin to breathe, protecting the animal especially during the hot and humid season.
  • Useful all year round
  • Pleasantly fragrant
  • Its oily composition allows it to spread evenly over the dermis
  • Safe for the environment, for humans and especially for children.

Should Phytonopick ampoules be applied only behind the nape?
No. Being a natural product composed only of plant extracts, Phytonopick can be applied on any part of the body because, even if the dog or cat were licking, there is no danger to their health.
Tip: apply a few drops of product also in the armpits, in the undertail area and under the chin.
You can immediately pamper your pet !!!

If I only use half a vial, can I use the rest of the product anyway?
If the product is kept cool and away from heat sources, its properties remain unchanged even if the vial remains open. In addition, the vial is made of glass, therefore an inert material that does not create transfer problems and therefore does not change the properties of the formulation.

Can I apply the product immediately after the bath?
No, being the lipophilic product, to adhere to the skin it needs skin fat which is usually reduced with a bath. It is therefore important to wait a few days (4-5) after a bath before applying the product.

Does something happen if cats lick each other?
Phytonopick is a natural lotion that has no harmful effects, however it is important to keep the animals occupied for a few minutes after application so as to allow the absorption of the product and ensure its effectiveness.

Can I touch the animal after applying Phytonopick?
Of course, being a natural product, it can be touched with bare hands without contraindications.

Union Bio

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