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copy of Anibio Billini per Cane - Bio Energizzati

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The healthy reward - 100 % natural - Hand-made - Wheat-free - Dental care - Without additives Billiniare made carefully by handand air-dried for up to 4 weeks. Billiniare unique and the healthy chewing snack for between meals. Very suitable for dogs with allergies. Billini contain no wheat, preservatives, colouring or flavouring. Ingredients: Beef (at least 80 %), rice, carrot flakes, pea flakes, beetroot, parsley stalks, leek, lucerne and mixed herbs(stinging nettle leaves, carrots,celery stalks, camomile blossom, fennel, cumin, yarrow, blackberry leaves, linseed,mistletoe, calamus root, centaury, gentian root). Billiniare hand-made from natural substances. They may therefore differ in appearance.


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