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Spray Ioni d'Argento per Dermatiti
  • Spray Ioni d'Argento per Dermatiti


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To assist wound healing and as therapeutic aid




To assist wound healing and as therapeutic aid

For dog

Distilled water, sodium hyaluronate, Argentum colloidale 40 ppm, Pimpinella Anisum (anise oil)
Application fields:
- intensive supporting therapy care of skin lesions, scars and wounds,
- support for wound healing
- concomitant therapy for dermatological diseases
- mite infestation and other ectoparasites

Application recommendation:
Apply several times per day to the affected areas.
Micuras  spray is on the basis of colloidal silver to support wound healing and/or for the accompanying therapy of dermatological diseases, as well as odour reduction. It is also suitable to be used for infestated kennels, bed surfaces, etc.

Expiration: 24 month
Protect from frost and direct sunlight!

Further Information:

Sodium hyaluronate: (HA) Binds moisture. Acts as carrier to introduce substances into the deeper cell layers. Has also an anti-
inflammatory effect.

Argentum colloidale: A prestigious american science magazine wrote: "Collodial silver turns out to be a miracle of modern
medicine. Whereas an antibiotic eliminates about a dozen  different pathogens the colloidal silver will eliminate around 650."
For further information on this see also our product sheet
Argentum colloidale.

Pimpinella Anisum: Anise oil is convincing through its anti- bacterial, antiviral and mycolytic effevtiveness. It can be even
used as protection against mites. The veterinary medicine is using anise oil to battle skin parasite, whereby cats shall not be treated
with anise oil-containing ointments and tinctures.
Wound cleansing 

• open and scabbed wounds 

• supporting therapy   care of  skin lesions and scars.

• concomitant therapy for  dermatological diseases such as  Hot spot, Pyoderma,  Malassezia dermatitis, mite infestation, ectoparasites