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Star Dog Lozione Lucidante Cane
  • Star Dog Lozione Lucidante Cane


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   Gel Ristrutturante

For dog and cat

  • It protects the skin from irritating agents;
  • Relieves annoying itching;
  • Reduces the formation of dandruff;
  • Promotes hair regrowth;
  • Restores the skin's protective lipid film.

LENI PETS is a gel for the hair of dogs and cats, revitalizing, nourishing and softening.
  • It protects the skin from irritating agents
  • Relieves annoying itching
  • It reduces the formation of dandruff
  • Promotes hair regrowth
  • Restores the skin's protective lipid film

INFO - The hair
Since the skin is not only a barrier to the outside world, but also an excretory organ, it represents one of the first sentinels which highlights the possible discomfort of dogs and cats. The opacity of the hair, as well as the presence of dandruff or excessive skin dryness, are signs of the health of our animals.
First of all dandruff, usually neglected, can instead be an important sign of adverse reactions to food, as well as pathologies that compromise the other excretory organs, such as liver and kidneys, or acute and chronic pathologies that alter the skin (atopic dermatitis , leishmaniasis, etc.).
Revitalizing and nourishing the dermis and fur with suitable products, reducing the often concomitant itching, are fundamental actions to contrast the worsening of these situations and improve the animal's quality of life. In the presence of dandruff, itching, dulling of the hair, a visit to the veterinarian is still recommended.

Some plants present in the product:
ALOE BARBADENSIS: re-epithelizing and protective properties
usitatissimum: antiseptic properties
UB MATRIX: registered trademark resulting from Union BIO® scientific research. It is a polyvalent phytocomplex, extracted from the olive tree, capable of enhancing the properties of other plants.
For any inquiries, We're here to answer you.
Can Leni Pets be used on both dogs and cats?
Of course, it is a useful product in both species!
Should it be rinsed?
No, Leni Pets can be applied directly on hair and skin in moderate quantities, massaged and left to absorb.
When can it be useful?
In all cases where the coat appears opaque, the brittle hair, in which there is dandruff or general itching.
Can it also be applied on plantar pads?
Being nourishing and balancing for skin and coat, it can be used to nourish the fingertips of dogs and cats.
Is it dangerous if the dog licks it?
No, the ingredients are all natural and there is no danger for the animal. However, it is recommended to apply it before taking the animal for a walk or in any case to keep it occupied a few minutes after application, to allow Leni Pets to be absorbed!
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