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copy of Micromed Vet Care Cloth "S"

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For dog, cat, horse......humans

Contents:The „Bioaktiv Hemosfiber“- cleaning glove consists of special microfibers with incorporated silver ions.  The simplest way for an antibacterial skin- and coat care.

Bioaktiv Hemosfiber

Enables efficient cleansing without chemical additives due to the enormous capillary action.

Odour forming bacterias and germs are taken in and their growth will be prevented.

Application: Moist care cloth before usage.  Rinse well with lukewarm water after use.

Expiration: 5 years

Further Information:
•    BioAktiv Hemosfiber   - permanent antimicrobial effect due to incorporated silver ions

•    may prevent inflammations and eczemas

•    reuseable due to silver ions

•    removes dirt and bacteria

•    removes malodorous odours

•    super absorptive cleaning glove made of special fibers

•    Special fibers remove quick and easy dirt and wetness

•    Deep cleansing with massage-effect

•    inhibits odour formation on the fiber

•    ideal for on the way or when travelling

•    without any additional chemical additives

•    washable at 60°C without fabric softener

•    certified quality

•    Size S  60 x 40 cm