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copy of Prins Struvite & Calciumoxalate 1.5 kg

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Struvite & Calciumoxalate


Prins Struvite & Calciumoxalate



Natural extruded diet food for adult cats with urinary tract issues

For cats with urinary tract issues

VitalCare Veterinary Diet Struvite & Calciumoxalate is a extruded dietetic food for adult cats with urinary tract issues. This complete dietetic food has both dissolving and preventing qualities. In addition to dissolving struvite bladder crystals, it prevents recurrence of struvite and calcium oxalate bladder crystals

Dissolves struvite bladder crystals
Due to optimal product composition struvite bladder crystals are disssolved
Struviet en calciumoxalaat preventive
A carefully adjusted minerals balance and decreased protein level help prevent the recurrence of struvite and calcium oxalate bladder crystals
Supports a healthy urine tract
The addition of special ingredients such as cranberries contribute to a healthy bladder environment


Animal fats (chicken, beef), animal protein extract, rice, barley, maize, potato starch, maize gluten, peas, potato protein, dried apple, minerals (potassium chloride, sodium chloride, calciumcarbonate), dehydrated poultry, yeast, hydrolysed chicken liver, salmon oil, cranberries (0.7%), dehydrated haemoglobin, mannan-oligosaccharides (MOS)

Calcium 0,5%
Phosphor 0,5%
Potassium 0,8%
Magnesium 0,06%
Sodium 0,6%
Chloride 1,4%
Sulphur 0,28%

Energy value
4345 kcal/kg


Moisture 8,0%
Crude protein 245%
Crude fat 20%
Crude ash 6,0%
Crude cell substance 3,0%
Carbohydrates 38,0%
Total vitamin D 1610IE/kg
Taurine total 0,25%
Hydroxyproline 0,75%


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