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copy of Prins Weight Reduction & Diabetic cat 200 gr

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Weight Reduction & Diabetic




Natural extruded diet food for obese and diabetic cats

VitalCare Veterinary Diet Weight Reduction & Diabetic is a extruded dietetic food specially developed for obese and/or diabetic adult cats. This complete dietetic food helps your cat lose weight responsibly and supports a balanced blood sugar level.
The optimised balance of vitamins and minerals ensure a sufficient supply of nutritional value during the period of weight loss. Extra nutritional fibres help reduce the sensation of ongoing appetite and support your cat during the period of weight loss.
In case of obesity
Low energy content and extra nutritional fibres help your overweight cat lose weight responsibly. In addition, L-carnitin stimulates the fat burning metabolism.

To support cats with diabetes mellitus (diabetes) and a balanced blood sugar level
High protein
High protein content ensures retention of muscular mass during weight loss

Composition: Chicken heart, chicken stomach, chicken liver, beef lung, beef, cellulose, wheat bran, calcium carbonate.

Moisture 79,0%
Crude protein 10.3%
Crude fat 2,7%
Crude ash 2,6%
Crude fibre 1,5%
Carbohydrates 3,9%
Starch 19,0%
Starch 0,15%
Sugar total 0,003%

Calcium 0,3%
Phosphor 0,2%
Potassium 0,2%
Magnesium 0,03%
Sodium 0,1%

FORMAT: tin 200 gr

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