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 Bush flower aggressive 30 ml is a combination created with the Essences of: Bluebell, Dagger Hakea, Dog Rose, Flannel Flower, Fringed Violet, Gymea Lily, Mountain Devil, Rough Bluebell.

Characteristics of each Essence:

• Bluebell: liberates love, allowing it to be expressed and received. It balances the heart chakra, making it receptive in case of closure after deep suffering.
• Dagger Hakea: specific for repressed anger and resentment that emerge every time the animal experiences a stressful situation or a feeling of danger.
• Dog Rose: favors the rebalancing of fear states that can affect the animal's tranquility, making it aggressive in defense.
• Flannel Flower: has a calming effect and helps the animal to react calmly to people and various situations, as well as to accept physical contact and caresses.
• Fringed Violet: helps protect the animal from the negative energy absorbed by the family or the surrounding environment and promotes a feeling of balanced mastery of one's own territory.
• Gymea Lily: specific for animals that have a tendency to be the center of attention and to excel over others, for example, at mealtimes.
• Mountain Devil: in situations of jealousy and repressed anger.
• Rough Bluebell: speci fi c for animals with an aggressive character and predisposition to excel, with a tendency to manipulate.

Features of the combination:

Aggressive is a formulation created using Australian Bush Flower Essences. It is useful for animals in conflict with themselves and with others who display reactive and controlling attitudes. It favors docility and a balanced relationship with the group, allowing to express and receive affection, overcoming jealousies related to periods of change.

Tips for use:

Add 4 drops for small animals and 7 drops for medium and large animals morning and evening in the water. It is also possible to add Essence to food.