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copy of Denkadog Superior Derma Protect Diner 2.5 kg (with vegetables)

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For the second growth of dogs and in case of loss of appetite




  For the second growth of dogs and in case of loss of appetite

Denkadog Derma Protect Dinner for adult dogs who have difficulties with food

-       High Density feed

-       Tasty thanks to high quality beef, corn and vegetables


Philosophy DENKADOG:

-       Natural balanced feed

-       Low in proteins

-       Low in salt


Is your dog a picky eater?

Some dogs don’t like eating as much as other dogs do. It is however necessary that they eat their daily share of food. This can be very difficult for picky eaters. DENKADOG Diner Derma Protect is a High Density feed which mean that thanks to the high nutritional value you can give your dog smaller shares of the feed. Moreover, this product contains high quality beef, corn and vegetables which makes this feed very tasty. You can make this feed more tasty by adding warm water to it.


Diner Derma Protect the solution for the picky dog

At DENKADOG we find it important to keep dogs healthy. It is thereby important that your dog eats enough. We are glad that we can offer picky eaters a tasty meal with DENKADOG Diner Derma Protect.


How it works

-       DENKADOG Diner Derma Protect is a High Density feed which makes sure your dog’s stomach is full with less feed.

-       This product is very tasty thanks to the combination of high quality ingredients such as first-class beef, corn and vegetables. Even the most picky eaters will enjoy this product.


So, your dog will enjoy a healthy meal with Diner Derma Protect!

All products are certified by Peta

The quantity of food listing in the table are for the daily needs. Give these daily rations over at least 2 meals. Watch the condition of your dog.

Put Denkadog Diner Derma Protect into the feeding bowl, add some warm water. It is important that along with our food fresh drinking water is available.



Bodyweight                 Quantity/day

5 kg                             75 - 105 g

10 kg                           130 - 175 g

15 kg                           175 - 240 g

20 kg                           215 - 295 g

25 kg                           255 - 350 g

30 kg                           295 - 405 g

35 kg                           330 - 450 g

40 kg                           365 - 500 g

50 kg                           430 - 590 g

60 kg                           495 - 680 g

70 kg                           555 - 760 g


GB  Denkadog Diner Derma Protect is a food specially developed for adult dogs to improve the coat.



Corn, dehydrated beef, dehydrated poultry, extruded corn, extruded wheat, wheat, beef fat, extruded rice, beet pulp, linseed, peas, carrots, leek, lecithin, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, DL-methionin.


Analytic components

Protein                        20%

Fat                               12%    

Fibre                           2%

Anorganic stuff           6,5%

Moisture                     9%

Calcium (Ca)               1,5%

Phosphorus (P)            1%

Sodium (Na)                0,25%


Nutritional additives (per kg)

Vitamine A (Retinylacetate) 22.250 IE, Vitamine D3 (Cholecalcipherol) 2.000 IE, Vitamine E (dl alfa Tocopherol Acetate) 116,9 mg, Iron (Iron II Sulphate Monohydrate) 132,3 mg, Zinc (Zinc Oxide) 86,5 mg, Manganese (Manganese II Oxide) 31,2 mg, Copper (Copper II Sulphate Pentahydrate) 2,1 mg, Iodine (Calcium Iodine) 1,9 mg, Selenium (Sodium Selenite) 0,2 mg.


Antioxidants: Extract of natural tocopherol.


Denkadog Diner Derma Protect is a complete food for dogs.




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