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Pawr Vegan 750 gr Green Glory *Gluten & Soia Free*

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Vegan food




   Suitable for Vegan diet and also for puppy


As the man the dog may be allergic to certain foods and many are of animal origin.

The fact of intolerance towards certain food components usually occurs through digestion problems, distomaco / intestine that cause (frequently), or vomiting and diarrhea may occur with bad breath, flatulence and loose stools and smelly.

- 100% vegetable and natural for a proper functioning of the intestinal flora

- Easily digestible carbohydrates

- Low protein content

- No animal product

INGREDIENTS: Peas 39% (dried), corn, corn gluten, broccoli 6% (dried), sunflower oil, pea protein, zucchini 4% (dried), potato starch, minerals, beet pulp, quinoa 1.5% (dusted), linseed, hydrogenated rapeseed, taurine.

Analytical Components:
Protein 22%, Fat 12%, Fiber 3.8%, Inorganic Matter 6.3%, Calcium (Ca) 0.8%, Phosphorus (P) 0.7%

      Nutritional additives Per kg
      Vitamin A 9,300 IU
      Vitamin D3 1,500 IU
      Vitamin E 95 mg
      Iron (Iron II sulphate monohydrate) 132 mg
      Zinc (zinc oxide) 86 mg
      Manganese (Manganese II Odixe) 31
      Copper (copper II sulphate pentahydrate) 2
      Selenium (sodium selenite) 0

Format: bag 750g

NOTE: Always Accompany with plenty of fresh, clean water