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BioPur Cani Renal 400 gr
  • BioPur Cani Renal 400 gr

BioPur Dog Renal 400 gr

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Alimento "curativo" biologico

Support of renal function in chronic and acute renal failure (limited functionality), prevention of urate and cystine stones.

Particular diseases often require a special veterinary or naturopathic treatment – and in some cases a special food as well. A diet food is not only a source of nutrients, it can also be used specifically to alleviate or eliminate certain symptoms of the disease. Depending on the disease, it can be used as a single measure or as accompanying nutrition together with a pharmaceutical therapy. While diet food itself has no curative power, it can relieve the animal’s organism and provide a supporting and prophylactic effect.

Our line of BIOPUR diet food products offers you real diet food in organic food-grade quality – and with these advantages:

  • Vitamins in natural percentage
  • Gently processed, cold filled
  • Very high biological quality

BIO-rice, organic chicken muscle meat, organic carrots, organic chicken liver, organic sunflower oil - 1 pressure, calcium carbonate.

Moisture 72%
Crude protein 5%
Crude fat 5%
Crude ash 2%
Calcium 0.21%
Potassium 0.17%
Phosphorus 0.11%
Natrium 0.08%