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The products bought on our website www.patatino.it are governed by law about the mail orders.

It the buyer makes a mistake ordering an item he/she can give back the shipment within four teen days form the receipt The buyer can choose the courier and will pay the shipping back.

The amount of money will be given by bank transfer from the date we receive the shipment back. The shipment you give back must be in perfect conditions and it must be sealed.

For broken dirty or used articles Patatino Store can decide if give money back to the buyer or not.

For wrong shipments received from the buyer Patatino Store will pick up the shipment and will send the correct one paid by the sender.

Patatino Store will not assume any responsibilities about eh delay of shipments due to accidents, strikes, earth wakes, floods or similar events,

Patatino store will not be responsible about the damages or losses for the events written above.

They buyer will have the right to receive the only given price.

Patatino store is not responsible in case of the illegal use of credit cards, checks or other payment methods.

Patatino store is not able to know the number of the client’s credit card in any moments of the purchase procedure.