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Anibio Anticox-HD Classic K capsule per cani e gatti
  • Anibio Anticox-HD Classic K capsule per cani e gatti

Anibio Anticox-HD capsule per cani e gatti

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ANTICOX-HD  AKUT - capsules

ANTICOX-HD akut can be used by starting:

  • hip region     
  • ellbow region
  • spinal columne region
  • weakness of connective tissue
  • injuries within the bone area
  • as prophylaxis during time of growth

Supplement for dogs and cats.

ANTICOX-HD is a supplementary food based on vegetable substances, i.e. it is a natural product. As known of all other ANIBIO products we do not use any conservation- synthetic or other harmful substances. Due to these reasons ANTICOX-HD can be given long-term or even to welphs.. The blend of the active substsances is based on a special proportion of mixture of the individual  substances which could only be achieved with the experience of veterinary surgeons and hip specialists through many of years. Also if you would orientate to the declaration of contents a copy of this preparation is onot possible.

ANTICOX-HD helps the metabolism of silic acid of the ligaments and tendons and 4 weeks after application, maybe also earlier). strenghtening of the tendons a mechanistic relief of the hips can be achieved.

Dextrose, based on vegetable substances ,Arnica montana (Arnica), Equisetum arvense (Ackerschachtelhalm), Harpagophytum procumbens (Teufelskralle), Symphytum (Beinwellwurzel), Zingiber officinale (Ingwer)