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copy of Anibio Knuppies Active Dental

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Prodotto Vegetale, Naturale e Bio Energizzato

Active dental carewhile chewing

Removes plaque

Cleans and cares for teeth and gums

Against mouth odour

ANIBIO Knuppies Tartar-free contains an effective combination of purely natural ingredients.

While the animal chews the tasty biscuits, an increasing number of natural enzymes are released whichserve to remove plaque from your animal`s teeth and prevent it from returning.

- Selected ingredients support the cleaning of the teeth
- Natural enzymesfrom mixed seaweed forremoving tartar from the teeth
- Valuable vitamins, minerals and trace elements
- Without preservatives, colouring or flavouring
- Also suitable for animals with allergies.

wholemeal spelt, wholemeal buckwheat,oat flakes, sunflower oil, purely natural mixed seaweed.

Analytical components:
Raw protein: 12.2%, fat: 5.9%, ash residue: 3.3%, crude fibre: 1.7%, humidity: 10.7%

Recommended feeding:

Dogsup to 15 kg: 1biscuit daily
from 15 kg: 2-3 biscuits daily

The effect is visible after approx. 3 weeks at the earliest! It is safe to feed the animal with the biscuits over a long period of time.

Tartar-free is also available in powder form.