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Adago Saturn pendant 25 mm

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Saturn Pendant



Possibility of personalization with name, phrase or date


All the planetary energy contained in the palm of a hand.

Planets that influence our person, copper that conducts energy….

From this inspiration, the PLANETS COLLECTION by ADAGO GIOIELLI PER L'ANIMA was born, which accompanies protecting the wearer or simply gratifying people who love to stand out.

Planet: Saturn

Planet of introspection and concreteness, it counteracts the tendency to be dispersive, pushing you to focus on your goals and pursue them without being distracted. It gives will and allows you to examine your life objectively and to modify its unwanted aspects. It makes the desire for knowledge and wisdom more intense.
Helps in moments of depression, protects and fights the fear of death.


Pendant made of Copper: 99.9 purity, worked entirely by hand with enamels and painting techniques that incorporate a Rose Quartz.

Why Copper: Beneficial Properties

Copper being an excellent conductor, it interacts with our body giving it benefit and balance, linked to Venus, Planet of Love, when worn it allows you to shield negative energies, overwhelming them with Love and attracting positive energy.

Why Copper: Characteristics

Copper like Silver oxidizes in the air, but instead of becoming blackish, it acquires various shades of color that characterize it, making it truly unique in its kind, its great beauty is precisely that of being able to appreciate its variations in appearance wearing it!

All jewels can be personalized with a name or a meaningful phrase.

The name or phrase make your piece not only unique, but make it your Talisman, because it is charged with the intention dedicated to it, wearing it works for you like a mantra, of course the possibility of engraving is in proportion to the size, for example in the pendants with a diameter of 50mm onwards there is more possibility of space.

If the personalization is defined together with the order it will be a gift for you.

Format: 1 this item will be delivered in an elegant packaging (box + bag) and with a leaflet with the characteristics of the product

The product is not available immediately; being an artisanal process, a waiting time of about 10 days is required for delivery